Products by type

Here you will find examples of some of the products we sell in a given category. Please consult with one of us to figure out what might work best for your application and budget. 

& Instrument

A microphone is often the first link in audio chain and arguably the most important since you must start with a good source in order to end up with something that will sound good through your PA or on your recording. 

Wireless Microphones

There have been many advances in wireless microphone technology over the past decade that have made a great impact on the quality, performance and affordability to the end-user. Wireless systems come in many forms and at many price points allowing them to be used in just about any application. 

Portable PA Speakers

This is a VERY broad category with so many options that can often be narrowed down by answering some simple questions about the application.  Please consult with us when you are looking for portable PA solutions. 

Guitar & Bass Effects

If you are a “guitar and amp only” kind of player, you can skip this section.  But if you want to be able to create a wide variety of sounds for many types of music, you are going to need effects.  Whether you prefer individual “stompboxes” or programmable multi-effects, we sell it all and have some of the best brands in the business.  Feel free to contact us to help narrow down your focus. 

More to come...